Oh my goodness! Today I found these prophetic words tucked away in the flap of my Bible. They are prophetic words my mom got in a Bible Study almost 30 years ago! She gave them to me when I became a born-again believer. Considering the tremendous work and devotion of getting “Christians with Disabilities”on the map (the “cyber”map), how appropriate are these words?


My child do you not know that I have a special love for the old, the helpless? These are precious to me. I have not left them orphan, but have provided watchmen for each one. I have not left them comfortless, but care for them through many of you. I have assigned special hearts to love these little ones; special compassionate ones to comfort and care for them. Wherever there is a helpless one, I would provide the help to care for them. Woe to you that would neglect these. Woe to you who would shirk this responsibility I have entrusted to you. Be patient and gentle with those who depend on your strength. Let them feel my love through your kindness. Be faithful to these special ones. Many of the aged have completed life’s journey and are but awaiting My call to bring them home. How fortunate are you I call to bridge the gap between them and me. These are My blessed ones. They have learned the lessons I have taught; they have long been dependable and now they need to depend on you. Support and comfort them child. Let them see me in your loving compassion. I will never allow these who seek refuge in Me to be put to shame. Be aware of this child! You, my aged and helpless ones, be NOT proud! Do not resist the help I send you. Be not stubborn. Allow those I send to minister to you. My instruments may not seem likely to you, they might not be your choice, but remember My work is not done according to your plan, but Mine. Humble yourself. Accept the ministering hands I provide even though there are others you yearn for. I not only work My will in you but in the very instruments I use for this task. Never be too proud to seek after the help you need; I have already provided it. Put your trust in Me, both my helpless ones, and you to whom I have entrusted them. Remember that I am in control of all. Ever hope in Me, and I will honor your hope. I will bless you with My love as you give your love to my little ones.

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