race of faith


It’s my passion to write about my personal experiences to make you realize that God is in the intricate details of our lives. I am here to share things with you and to let you know there is hope… especially if you feel this IS NOT the place in life you envisioned for yourself! I’ve been there, and I know firsthand that it can be a dark and scary place. My friend, I know about a broken heart…

I Will Never Forget this Awful Time

Here I sit longing to get up out of this cave and start doing what God created me to do. It doesn’t matter who I’m with or who is around, my only joy is to be in His presence… to boast of how great He is… to give my hope a voice, and speak of the great things He will do. But here I sit.

Some Thoughts ~

“You can never learn that Christ is all you need, until Christ is all you have.”~Corrie ten Boom.
How this resonates with me in my every waking moment. It wasn’t until suffering plopped itself down in the middle of my living room

After the Locusts Have Eaten

It’s a fact, a sad fact, that all of us have times of scarcity and famine. But the flip side of these times speak of R-E-S-T-O-R-A-T-I-O-N! God says we can expect restoration, and that’s exciting. There’s one word that God has spoken over and over to me, and that is focus. Oh yes my friend, God brings both the bad and good.

Did the Lord Ever Speak to Me at All?

“Did the Lord ever speak to me at all? If so, why does He allow the innocent to suffer? Why was I sent to this filthy prison while that lewd woman (Potiphar’s wife) lives in the lap of luxury? Could not an omnipotent God deliver me? Why then does He leave me here?”

The Word of God Will Try You…

Dear friend, if God gifts you, or if he graces you – then He intends to try you. Being “tried by the Word” is something that has lately been mulling over in my mind.

To Live is Christ and To Die is Gain

Oh my friends, there has been much death in my life. I’m not sharing this so you can feel pity and sorrow towards me, but I have to be transparent. I have to be real. I have been stripped of so much that I held dear. I

The Christian Wilderness

The Christian Wilderness. How shall I start to explain this? The best way I can describe it is that you are confronted with an anti-you barrier, and in the eyes of the world you look like a loser. Limitation after limitation have been part of your life now for years, or you’ve had to endure a lifetime of restriction. What I mean

Envy – The Suffering Righteous and the Successful Sinner

Envy. Sometimes it’s hard not to be envious… especially when it seems like you’re stuck sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else’s life progressing… and you are just existing day after day, month after month, and monotonous year after year. You may think

“Who is this one? Look at her now. She arises from her Desert of Difficulty Clinging to her Beloved.”  Songs 8:5

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