baclofen-catheterOur God is such a good God. Let me share what He’s done for me…

Since August of 2005, a Baclofen Pump has been part of my life. Below is a picture of this foreign object that was surgically placed in my body. The pump is placed just below my skin at the waistline (You can’t see it, which is good). It is three inches in diameter and one inch thick and connects to a small catheter through which the Baclofen (a muscle relaxant medicine) is released. The pump is programmed to release medication at prescribed intervals and it can be adjusted through an external programmer. I have control through my doctor, over how much muscle relaxant medicine is given (whichever amount is needed to give the best therapeutic results). When refills are needed (every month) I must return to my doctor. There’s a port in the pump,where a refill is injected through the skin and into the pump via a syringe. Hope that makes sense:)

Anyway, having the pump has definitely helped my muscle spasms and stiffness over the last four years. For the past month or so, I’ve been thinking about getting the muscle relaxant medicine (Baclofen) increased, to where more would be delivered to my legs by the pump. I had a small increase of medicine a few months ago…but it did nothing. So I just figured I reached the peak as to how much the medicine would help. Again, I just had that nagging feeling to go to a higher dose of Baclofen, that I would get better results if I went higher. Of course I prayed about this. I asked God to give the doctor wisdom. I told God I would do whatever my doctor said.

Well, I went in for my monthly refill. I have a great doctor who reminded me that if it was too much, I could just have the dosage set back to where I was before the increase. No problem. So he programmed the pump to deliver a significantly higher dose. And you know what? I feel great! Not cured, but definitely so much better! I don’t know what the future holds for this girl with the crazy neuromuscular disease, but I absolutely know and trust the One who does holds the future!

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