Did the Lord Ever Speak to Me at All?

did-god_WEB“Did the Lord ever speak to me at all?  If so, why does He allow the innocent to suffer?  Why was I sent to this filthy prison while that lewd woman (Potiphar’s wife) lives in the lap of luxury?  Could not an omnipotent God deliver me?  Why then does He leave me here?”  Could Joseph in the face of such questions still cling to God’s faithfulness and reliability?  He could and he did.  This is what it means to be tried by the Word.  Joseph’s faith, integrity, and endurance were put to the test.


Imagine how Joseph’s mind must have tortured him…”That voice you thought you heard in your heart-was it not just your overactive imagination?  Has God ever spoken to you at all?  Those dreams you’ve had-were they not childish?  This providence of God which has prospered you wherever you have gone-isn’t it not, after all good luck?”  I can take a stab in the dark and say that God ceased to speak to him.  Yes, He most likely was silent.  While Joseph was crying out for Him, it probably seemed that God was nowhere to be found.  Deafening silence from the throne of God – I can say that because this exact thing happens to us sometimes!


While Joseph’s trembling heart and mind were entertaining those thoughts, fear also must have came in and said “How is it possible that your brothers are going to ever honor and respect you when you are so far away; they don’t even know if you’re alive?  Your father believes you are dead.  You’re in jail without any hope of freedom.  Potiphar sent you here to die.”  Then the Word of God would said to him, “Can you believe me?  Can you trust that I have everything under control?  Can you trust that I will fulfill my promises?”  The Word had come to Joseph, and it severely tried his trust and commitment.


Friends, experience has made me understand that whatever trial you are experiencing gives some evidence of your value.  I want you to really hear that… your trial gives evidence of your value.  My prayer for anyone going through the fire now or in the future, is that Our Sovereign Lord will stand you up and give you the strength needed to help you stand through, so you – like Joseph – may be of great service to others and bring glory to God!


“Who is this one? Look at her now. She arises from her Desert of Difficulty Clinging to her Beloved.”  Songs 8:5

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