My child, know who you are. Know who I am in your life. Until you are thus armed you will be so vulnerable to temptation and fear. Satan will enslave you with his accusations and lies. He will entrap you into your wants which are never ending and keep you helplessly dependent on worldly things, people, and false security. He will keep you down: keep you anxious and fearful. You will dread early mornings and hate the long nights. You will have no rest from your worries. Tis his stock in trade to keep you so bemused, so fretful that you cannot hear Me when I call to you. He would have you chase around in frenzied circles, too busy seeking worldly comfort for your pain, blinding you to my truth. Listen to Me beloved. HARKEN to what I say: Learn My truth, memorize it. By my cross you have the victory. Death has no power over you, why fear it? By My stripes, by My name you are healed of your infirmities, why suffer them? By My truth and your acceptance of it, you are SAVED. Nothing has power to make you anxious if you believe and accept my promises. Come, turn to Me child Put your trust only in Me. I will show you the way. I will lead you through this life in My perfect peace; though you will have troubles, you will not be defeated. You will be an overcomer. As you call on My name, I will ALWAYS make a way for you. I will care for you as you believe I can. Trust me beloved, my love for you is great. To you who honor Me, to you who acknowledge My name, I will be ever beside you in your distress. I will deliver you from the enemy, all that distracts you from me. Know child that I AM faithfulness. There is no faithfulness like mine, anywhere in the earth. I reward your trust by making you an overcomer of all enemies that would assail you. To you who trust in me, I promise I will never fail you. I will shade you from the hottest noontime sun; I will quench your desert thirst, soothe your tired nerves, comfort your sobbing heart. None other can heal your ills, shield you from your foes, draw you away from all evil, and keep your feet on a sure path to me. None other except ME.

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