“A righteous man regards the life of his animals, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” Proverbs 12: 10

Love this verse! My cats are my furry friends, and I don’t know about you, but I pray for and give thanks for them! After all, the Bible tells us that everything having breath should praise the Lord! Some of you aren’t cat lovers. I get that, but here’s the perfect opportunity to give an unbelievable praise report about my two little kitties, Macy and Taz…

Macy has had a chronic ear infection for some time now. Turns out a few years ago, the vet went inside Macy’s ear with a scope and showed me a tiny tumor was growing. It didn’t seem to be life threatening… only a nuisance, because she would sometimes have a messy discharge coming out of her ear… I’ll spare you the details. Very gross! Anyway, the vet gave me eardrops, which seemed to keep it under control… Until recently; the tumor had grown so much that it was protruding out of her ear! The vet told me he could operate, but c’mon, Macy is 13. Besides, the surgery would be too expensive. It broke my heart, but I decided to make an appointment for euthanasia:(

Taz is 9. Taz has diabetes. We decided to let nature take its course. After all, God gave us Taz, and He is the One who would decide when He would take him. Taz was diagnosed last November. Over the last 6 months, my poor kitty lost so much weight and was making a mess in the litter pan. We had enough, and decided that he would also be euthanized:(

So my two cats were on death row! Great news… they both got pardons! My husband posted a comment that his cat, Taz (He thinks Taz is his, and Macy is mine…lol) had limited time left…on FACEBOOK, of all places. To our surprise, many people responded and told us not to euthanize, one sweet woman even offered to help us give Taz insulin and check his blood glucose. What a blessing! Taz is getting better, and his treatment isn’t as time consuming and as difficult as we thought.

We had the problem with Macy’s ear. Unfortunately she would still have to go. The day came for my husband to take Macy to the SPCA. I said my goodbyes and stayed home with Taz. Twenty minutes later, my husband called from the SPCA. He told me the Animal Care Manager offered to get Macy’s ear (turns out to be an ear polyp) operated on for a fraction of what my vet would have charged! I was thrilled! I really love my cats… before I got married; it was just me and Macy. So she was my girl! Macy was operated on last week, and things look great. She came home with an e-collar on (a cone) so she doesn’t scratch at the sutures. They’ll dissolve and the e- collar comes off next week. Taz is freaked out because of the way Macy looks with the e- collar. He hisses and hides. Too funny!

Thanks for letting me ramble about my cats. But I wanted to tell you I have this scripture verse taped on my dresser mirror, which I meditate on daily… “God who brings the dead back to life and creates new things out of nothing.” Romans 4: 17

My cats were as good as dead! At least to my human eyes and understanding they looked as good as dead. But you know what? Being a witness to this cat story, simply increases my faith:)

Wow! Still going to finish Proverbs 12… promise!!

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